I just realized that today’s title sounds like a movie sequel, as will the next post. The choir had a rehearsal last night via Zoom. In preparation I was advised by my friend Beverly to be sure to put on lipstick. We could see everyone as we sang, but I could hear only Nicole, our director, and me as we sang through parts sight reading some new music. It’s a work in progress. I thought Nicole and I did just fine singing the alto part. It was fun to have a check-in at the beginning to find out everyone’s days are similar right now; none of us has had symptoms of Covid-19. Some were missing the chance to sing with others in their sections. In order to make music look and sound like some we’ve seen on line, with all the faces and voices seen and heard, we’d have to make a sizable investment. And then there would be the “retakes.” What we have right now is more than some choirs manage. I’d say that’s enough for the time being.

Lately people have been making lists on facebook of things they’ve done, foods they do or do not like, or places they’ve visited. Another that has appeared lately is  a list of performers you’ve seen in person with one “ringer” in the list. Do I ever feel old when I only recognize one or two performers or groups out of 10. Picking out the odd one would really be a guess for me. I suppose I could do a list of plays I’ve seen.

One thing I’ve found soothing these days is music. It makes my heart sing and be soothed. This morning I was again delighted by 4 of the actors who had played the title role of Evan Hanson singing “Forever” together. Another recent post on Fb featured a father and daughter singing “The Prayer.”  I lose myself in “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis when it’s done with tenderness. I have always turned to music when my life has been unsettled. Creative spirit is revived in times of despair, and right now I need to be reminded of how much beauty is present is a moving performance, or art, or tiny plants emerging after a long winter. When I open myself to the light, it brings me peace.