• I’m proud of my community’s response to Governor Walz’s “stay at home” order. We see a few people walking,  and we see parents and children biking. All are keeping distances as they meet or pass others. We wave to people we pass on our walk; we are appreciating the weather. I love to see the sunshine. It makes spring seem possible. Little sprouts are appearing in our gardens, and our pussy willows are in full “flower.” The catkins are a delight. I already have two big dried bouquets of pussy willows in the house, and I’m considering adding two more. The problem I have is getting rid of the old ones.

    Speaking of gardens, I watched Leslie Mills give a tour of her gardens on facebook, identifying so many little sprouts of perennials that are a promise of spring. I was impressed that she could name all the little plants by seeing just a peek of green. She planted a wide variety of green and flowering plants to have something in bloom spring to fall. New growth provides a promise of a new beginning for our post-coronavirus world. We just need patience and determination to get through this time. And we need to find hope in the natural things that go on in spite of us.

    Staying at home is providing time for writing, so I’ve revisited my blog. I want a personal record of this time for my grandchildren to have. I confess to spending too much time on facebook and reading newspapers on line. We may be in for a long wait for the pandemic to ease. I hope we do wait instead of easing the restrictions too soon. As an introvert, I can last. George really misses playing tennis each morning, but he can last with me. To survive, we will do what’s necessary.