Everywhere I look I see a need for rain. Lawns are getting brown in spots, flowers need daily watering, temperatures continue to break records for heat, and it’s barely summer. We have been in our little bubble since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been 450 days since we began to stay at home. I have begun to feel more contented with this, and as friends urge us to get out of our comfort zone, aka home, we hesitate.
Our family are all vaccinated, we think. I know of one cousin who has refused, but we can avoid seeing her. I am full of fear. I do not want Covid. I wear a mask when I am not at home. I avoid crowds where some nut who has a gun with a high capacity magazine and rage could take advantage of his right to bear arms and shoot randomly at my friends and me. Activities we enjoy, concerts, theater, the state fair, and family gatherings, are not enticing me now.
Today I decided it isn’t good for me to read comments on facebook attacking things I care about. I fight anxiety, and so far I seem to be managing it. It is interesting that I am happy, mostly. Life has been good to us. We love our home and our neighborhood. We have food and comfortable surroundings. Unlike many I know, I do not crave the companionship of friends.
What lies ahead?