On this rainy afternoon, I’m restless. Sometimes the skies become so gray that I can’t see to read my nook. Then thunder and hard rains interrupt my concentration. My tennis player is with 3 of his tennis buddies playing indoors. I’m watching the rain.

The garden shed saga continues. We’re on our second “taker.” The first one found the removal daunting because the walls are so heavy. He’d carefully removed the shingles and roof boards, hauling away the materials. Then on his 3rd morning here, he decided it was more than he’d counted on. The backup person was called; he looked it over, then said he was interested.

During a lull in the rain, I went out to check on the shed, now roofless. The floor is really solid and waterproof; a half inch of standing water had to be swept out – a job for my tennis player before he left for the courts in Lakeville. Since then it’s rained more. I’m having an exciting afternoon! It’s not exactly like watching paint dry, but it’s close.

The moisture is wonderful for the lawn and gardens. Most of my June-blooming flowers are in full bloom a month early. The peonies, iris, mock orange, and shrub roses are beautiful and loving the rain. Here comes another rain squall. Pura vida, a good life.