The church year at the small church where I work is winding down. From early June to early September a summer break from Sunday services and choir rehearsals provides a time for travel, relaxation, gardening, visiting family, and renewal. When fall brings us back together, the congregation is energized and ready to resume the comfortable togetherness we’ve come to appreciate.

Our break coincides with a break in school schedules. The teachers among us will take courses at nearby colleges and universities to get new ideas to refresh their crafts. When I was teaching, I spent summers at Hamline picking up tactics and materials to add to my teaching tools. Summer was a time of rest and renewal then as now.

During the early part of the summer some of us will be preparing for the annual rummage sale scheduled for the last week in July this year. We put in many hours sorting, pricing, and arranging to create an appealing, uncluttered presentation of the treasures donated by our members. We do a lot of laughing, singing and harmonizing, sharing and bonding as we work together. I look forward to the adventure each year.

I will work at my job until mid-June, then return mid-August to prepare for fall. I have the best of a retirement life working at the church. It keeps me busy, presents challenges, allows me to be creative, and best of all I’ve made wonderful friends.