We posted our garden shed on craigslist as a giveaway, that is, free. The first thing that happened was that “free” is not a price, so it was omitted from the ad. In the first half hour we had dozens of inquiries, most wanted the price, but all were interested in having the shed.

The ad included a photo and dimensions, 8′ x 8′, plus the information that it could not be moved in one piece. The shed must be disassembled because there is only a 6′ space from a gazebo to a wall on that side of the yard. One person wanted to know if he could transport it in his minivan; another wanted to drive a trailer up to the building, use jacks to lift it to trailer level, and move it as is from our yard. Someone else mentioned lifting it over the gazebo in a single piece.

We had four who seemed to understand the situation. They wanted it. The man who got to us first with serious intentions came to see it yesterday afternoon. Before June 1st he plans to have it moved, in pieces, of course.

Early in the day we emptied the shed, parked our pickup in the driveway, and stowed our shovels, rakes, lawn mower, tiller, grass seed, potting soil, pots, basketballs, toys, tarps – all the stuff of a well-used shed – into one side of the garage. It involved many trips up and down a hill; we were finished by noon, and we were tired.

How the careful destruction will be accomplished is presently unknown. Construction of our larger shed will begin mid-June. We have completed the first of many phases in our storage solutions. The saga continues.