Jack is one of those people who make us smile, sometimes groan, but never despair – except maybe now. As a member of our choir he is a baritone, and he can switch from tenor to bass as needed. His often booming voice during hymns can also be tender when necessary in the choir.

As former English teachers, Jack and I often quoted poetry at each other, sometimes recalling obscure works, but ever comfortable with Shakespeare. He is a story teller who seems to know a little bit about a lot of things.

He and Carmen loved to travel, often as Road Scholars. In our church family they quickly became leaders and friends. In the beginning, Carmen tells me, Jack wasn’t sure he was interested in joining a church. After the first visit, Jack was the one who was eager to attend. Before long he joined the choir, regaling us with stories from his travels, corny jokes, and good humor. For several years he was our Santa Claus for holiday music Sunday, passing out candy canes and smiles.

He is a skilled photographer with a wonderful eye for just the right picture. A gallery of his photographs presently hangs just outside the sanctuary in our church. Each is a sample of that special eye for his subject.

Jack is now in the late stages of cancer. We who care about him despair. It is never easy to watch someone’s positive spark grow dim. He remains in our hearts as our own, inimitable Jack.