“Once upon a midnight dreary…” It was Halloween night, well actually it was 5:30. We had been running errands, and we stopped for dinner at one of my favorite haunts. After we were seated, I noticed a distinguished-looking elderly gentleman in a tuxedo. Was he in costume for the holiday? Possibly. My muse was aroused after a long hibernation. During the next thirty minutes the man was joined by thirteen graying others similar in age and dress. Oh, my imagination was in full gear. The last man to arrive had what appeared to be a laptop in an elegant leather shoulder bag. This group, seated in a private room, probably meet every Halloween in this place. Their business was none of mine, but I conjured up many things. They were benefactors who selected their next project each Halloween at this gathering. Or they were politicos grieving the state of this election, planning their exodus. Maybe they were college classmates who met to eulogize those no longer in their number. They appeared serious and purposeful. It was an interesting moment in time, and best of all, my creative juices are flowing once again.