For the second time in 25+ years we are victims of credit card fraud. Fortunately the credit card company caught it in its early hours, called, and we canceled our card. It began yesterday afternoon following the use of the card at a medical facility. The person behind the counter took the card to the back to make the charge. Within hours the card number was used on line to purchase things we often do purchase – groupons, itunes. Something alerted the company today when two more charges were made. I tend to be pretty trusting, and this kind of event is so unsettling.

We have 12 regular monthly charges on our card including PBS, MPR, VEAP. When our new cards arrive, we’ll have to get in touch with all 12 to change the number. That part is simply annoying. The part that is troubling is the theft. I can understand desperation, hungry families, homelessness causing temptations, but this is definitely not that kind of thing. This was frivolous spending, possibly causing problems for someone’s employment if fraud is involved.

The first time we had this experience was right around the Christmas holidays. The cards were stolen from the mail before they ever reached our neighborhood. We were told at that time that a seasonal mail carrier had been charged with several thefts. We were called because charges were made in Fridley where we had never shopped. Since then we alert the credit card company when we plan a trip outside the country, or outside our normal travel areas.

Time will make this seem less of a violation, but right now I’m feeling uneasy and vulnerable.