Dad was a gentle man who loved his family and the little town we called home. On his first drive through Gaylord he was enchanted by its location on a lake that was just an hour from the cities. His love of music got him into an orchestra directed by the woman who would become his wife. Together they made music and a musical family would come of their union.

His would be the second dental practice in that little community, and that gave him time to devote to other passions. Hunting and fishing, golf and canoeing, making adventures for his children, and making music in the community band filled his life outside the office.

He developed strong community roots serving on hospital and school boards, being awarded a silver beaver in scouting,and making sure that no one who needed dental treatment was turned away from his office door. Much of his “income” during my childhood came from “in kind” payments of garden produce, meat, poultry, and eggs, or an exchange of services. We were blessed by the good people in that place, and Dad was a blessing in many lives at the same time.

Making English toffee was a special talent of Dad’s. He’d begin making candy before Thanksgiving, and he often had made 50 batches by Christmas. He gave it to friends, offered it at fundraisers, and we always had some at home during the holidays. He’d be proud to know that all four of his children still make toffee with his technique, and it still pleases people who enjoy it at holiday time.

I have wonderful memories of my father who spent his last years living with us in Bloomington. On this day to honor fathers, I miss him more than usual.