I have an aversion to rhyming poetry. I especially shudder at the sappy stuff of greeting card rhymes: no skies of gray on this your day only lovely May for your birthday. Yuck! Once upon a time I read a poignant poem in free verse to students who informed me that it was not a poem because none of the words rhymed. OK, that made for a teachable moment, and use it I did. I suspect some were not ready to abandon their preconceptions, but I gave them something to consider.

I would have a difficult time preparing for a debate on this topic as I have views on both sides. As I think about it, I have some real favorites among the rhyming poets. I adore Dr. Suess. His books can provide a true measure of a child’s mastery of reading. And the wonder of his imagination and creative vocabulary delights me.

I enjoy writing limericks. The strict structure provides a discipline that gives me pleasure.

Rummage sales need “limericity”
This is definitely not eccentricity!
You hear our story
And you are not sorry
To be lured into willing complicity.

Your basement & garage are a mess
With boxes & piles causing stress.
Here’s a suggestion
We’re begging the question
Let MVUUF relieve your distress.

The 2012 sale will be early
In July, but please don’t get surly!
We’ve planned the event
So don’t rent that tent
We’ll lessen your mess very purely.

We’ll take pots, pans & dishes
Sheets, toys, even porcelain fishes.
We welcome your treasure
To give others pleasure
It will satisfy everyone’s wishes.

So far you’ve heard two arguments for the rhymes and only one against. Enough for this round.