Rhyming poetry usually annoys me. As I’ve been considering this topic, I find myself in support of more and more quality poetry, rhymed or otherwise.

I appreciate a well-written classical sonnet. The iambic pentameter and Shakespearean or Spenserian rhyme patterns are difficult to maintain and still manage a profound message. The few times I’ve tried writing one I’ve become so distracted by the form that my message was lost.

Song lyrics can be in the annoying category for me, but some are tolerable because of the music. I’ve just become acquainted with the tender lyrics for “Ashokan Farewell.” For me the rhyme was incidental to the beauty of the message.

The lyrics for “I Wonder as I Wander” are on my unpleasant list. In order to achieve a rhyme, the lyricist said, “For poor on’ry people like you and like I” to rhyme with sky. I cannot sing that line. The ungrammatical poetic license offends me.

It’s fun to write new words to old songs. That requires rhyme, but it also allows for playing with words to promote a cause or to get a laugh. A friend does it every year and her audiences love it.

I do believe I’m a language curmudgeon, but that must not be entirely a bad thing as my friends continue to talk to me, and some are even reading my blog.