George Fairman

From the time I began working at the church in 1998, George Fairman has been the “face of MVUUF” for me. He and Phyllis made sure I found what I needed to succeed in a job that had no clear parameters. When the building program began, George spent much of his time on site, encouraging, often prodding, running errands, finding contractors, making sure his vision would become our reality. It did.

Serving on most church committees gave him a wide-reaching view of our successes and our needs. In his inimitable style, always with confidence and a twinkle in his eye, he found ways to accomplish things on a small budget. His careful record-keeping made each new committee chair and member aware of what had been done, whom to call for specific services, and how to locate misplaced pieces of equipment. When he was nominated for the Prairie Star District’s “Keeping the Faith” award, no one was surprised at his selection.

His constant positive voice in the choir and the music committee helped those groups stay focused on what mattered to all of us: the joy and satisfaction of bringing quality music to the congregation.

As we contemplate his life, we reflect on his impact on the many people whose lives he touched. His warmth, good humor, timely and thoughtful responses to people’s needs gave him a stature to be celebrated. Having had him in our lives we can say with conviction, “It’s a wonderful world.” Oh Yeah!