Day three we went with the group for lunch at Sardi’s Restaurant. I enjoy the walls full of caricatures. A waiter told us that they hire one artist for a year of drawings. He has the celebrities sit for him, and that year’s drawings have a similar look. Knowing that, I took a closer look at the clusters of pictures. Some of the artists appeal to me more than others. A few drawings looked as if they were drawn by kids, not well.

We walked from there to our last group show, An American in Paris. It was wonderful. I love Gershwin’s music, and the dancers were from the Metropolitan Ballet giving the choreography a very different look from the tapping of its predecessors.This show has many Tony nominations, and is a possible selection for the revival category along with The King and I.

Saturday evening people saw a variety of shows that we picked on our own. Four of us saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. The young actor who played the lead was phenomenal. A recent graduate from the Juilliard School of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, he made his first Broadway appearance in this show. It is unusual for a serious play to have a nomination in the choreography category, but the electronic gimmicks were characters in the show, and they gave it a new level of intensity. I expect something we saw this weekend to be a winner, but the Tony voters come from many different areas of theater, each bringing his/her own perspective and preferences.