As the first voice of MVUUF that Kevin heard, I’ve chosen myself to chronicle his journey in our faith community. Kevin has woven himself into the fabric of our family as a colorful, energetic, soft-hearted, occasionally bombastic, always talented thread. A journalist, photographer, and musician, Kevin has entertained us with his wise observations, intelligent writing, wit, photographs, and music, always music.

He has touched the lives of so many of us. A few of the things I’ve observed:

Recording sessions with Jane whose piano playing is now preserved for her friends
Baseball games and long walking talks with Ted, and a poignant tribute in words and music at Ted’s memorial service
A bond forged with Don Rollins who shared his love of music
The amazing you-tube interviews with David Breeden
Support with his bass, guitar, bongos, and toe-tapping whenever he joins Muti to accompany the music on Sunday mornings
The mutual respect and appreciation he and Muti share
His bevy of older women friends, especially Mrs. Robinson and the Good Neighbor, who enjoy his attention and appreciation of their respective talents
His duet with Barb, “Let It Be a Dance,” that moved us at Lou’s memorial service
The silly roles he plays in the annual Big Event
The “Hey, Janet Planet” that lifts my spirits when he drops in to the office on a biking break
The ever-present iced coffee
The life he’s brought to the church’s Facebook page with photographs and links to UU World
His sharing of his “roadie” the terrific Tammy with all of us
Encouragement that started my blog and gave it a name

For all that you are, and all that you bring to us, we wish you a happy birthday.