IMG_4241Today is Monday (Sunday at home). I know it is because the carpet square in each elevator is changed daily, and today is Monday in all the elevators. The wind is blowing at more than 40mph, and we can’t open to door to our balcony. It’s the kind of day to hunker down by a fire and read or watch a movie or nap. We were informed yesterday that part of our trip has been changed because of a storm with 30′ swells and 90mph winds. We’d been looking forward to Milford Sound with its fjords and beautiful shorelines, but that lovely part of the trip and Hobart, Tasmania, were eliminated. I guess I’d rather be safe and not have to deal with the giant swells. The reeling boat is surreal. Just when I’d sort of adjusted to the boat’s movement, I am introduced to lurches and bouncing.

We spent a lovely day in Melbourne yesterday. The sun was warm, spring flowers were in bloom, and the botanical gardens were exquisite. We did much walking in that interesting city, and enjoyed the day. I was tired when we got back to the ship, and my face was a bit sunburned. Do I ever learn? Make that will I ever learn?