I admire the 5 members of the city council who last night took a difficult stand against greed. A quiet neighborhood is a precious thing to preserve. The appreciation for wildlife habitat and green space has been one quality I have proudly attributed to this city where walking and biking paths have been nurtured.

After a long evening of discussion, civil for the most part, the council members stated their positions. Those who were opposing the motion to approve a building project were thoughtful in stating their reservations about the proposal and about their reluctance to be responsible for a decision that had been brought before them without thorough consideration of all possibilities. The condescending comments of the members who supported the proposal in response to those who voted no was inappropriate.

The advocates of the motion to approve a building project were motivated by the opportunity for increasing the tax base. That was stated. An alternative plan that would satisfy those whose neighborhood was under discussion was dismissed as not being covered by the motion. Taxable properties could be developed with another design. It is not necessary to change traffic patterns by extending a road through green space and wildlife habitat. A no vote was the only way to stop the project and send it back to its developers.

Now I hope the energies will be spent to find a solution acceptable to all who are involved. I was proud to see a system in action that could be sensitive to constituents’ concerns. I also hope that those minority voters will work with the majority to find a way through this. I fear pressures may be put on the members who did not simply rubber stamp the proposal. I’d like to see my city work in harmony when so many lives can be affected by a decision.