Janet Newman, of the MVUUF Janet Triumvirate, has become part of the office tapestry with easy grace. We share a love of books, of language and good writing, of music and choral singing, and of movies. Our conversations ranging many topics have been stimulating and refreshing.

Her appreciation of the strengths of each member of the staff has given us the opportunity to utilize our skills in the everyday workings of the church. We function well as a team, and in this brief time have accomplished our goals and explored new ideas to make our working lives more efficient.

The life of an interim minister involves making personal attachments and leaving friends at each port of call, then being ready to begin again in the next location. The tasks involved in readying a congregation for a settled minister meet with resistance that must be overcome, challenge what has always been done with suggestions of tested, easier ways of doing those things, and making the transition go smoothly. It is not always a comfortable role to play.

I am grateful for the time we have spent working together this year. We have developed an easy friendship, and I will miss having her next door where I always feel welcome.