Magic-fingered, multi-faceted
Unassuming, understanding
Talented, tenderhearted
Inimitable, an Institution

It’s fitting the Minister of Music is MOM. Our Muti has charmed and shaped a motley group of musical wannabes into acceptable choral performers. People who want to be part of a music experience can count on her accompaniment to make them sound good, and she can play in any key to accommodate voice range.

More than 25 years of clever, silly plays have entertained and amazed us. She takes us out of our comfort zones and makes us feel like stars.

A marvelous cook and hostess, she hosts terrific parties that often end in singing. Her home reflects her eclectic taste, and her gardens are lovely.

All of this is on the surface of a character who gets into interesting predicaments: locking herself out of the house in her shorty pajamas, stalling a snowblower at the base of the driveway on a nasty snowy day when Bob is out of town, taking her dog for a walk and carrying her most of the way, staying home from a concert because thunder has unsettled her poodles, forgetting her music on the piano and calling Bob to deliver it to the church, and all in the same week.

She plays hundreds of popular songs by ear with ease. Her performances with Gypsy melt our hearts. They seem to breathe together, and those moments are treasured by all of us who love them both.

Our church services are enhanced by the music each Sunday morning. Matching hymns and choral anthems to themes and treating us to offertories that show off her special skills make each service a cut above the ordinary. I can’t imagine a Sunday without her.

And so I look forward to having this special friend around for seventy-five more years.