Letter writing between friends has been replaced by emails or texting. I have a few older friends who still write letters, partly because it’s an art form, and in some cases, it’s all they know. I love hearing from them, and I enjoy our exchanges by “snail mail.”

There are people who measure their popularity by the number of facebook friends they have. I just watched a link from facebook about loneliness. It suggested that for humans, 150 people is the maximum number in a group to have any kind of relationships exist. Beyond a certain point, the group breaks into factions of like-thinking individuals. The intimacy of the whole is lost.

Conversations on line are brief, and people tend to put their best faces on their experiences. We are likely to portray ourselves as we would like to be, not as we are. Just as we display photographs that flatter, so we describe our exploits in a flattering light.

Usually by this time in my blog I have an idea of the point I’m making. Today that isn’t happening. Think I’ll go swimming.