It’s Rummage Sale time at church again. We’ve been putting in long days sorting, organizing, taping, and we have finally done some pricing. The sale begins Thursday of this week. We always seem to be ready, but this year we are a bit behind schedule. Some lovely old pieces of furniture have been sold, and members who work on set-up have found some treasures to buy: one of the perks of being a worker.

A few items will be on ebay, some on craigslist, to get more than rummage sale prices for them. One of my co-chairs has an eye for the valuable brands and items. My many garage sale adventures give me an idea of what prices are realistic. The third co-chair enjoys organizing workers and supervising the cleanup. We have a good balance of leadership.

We also have wonderful volunteers who dig through bags, sort things, and help us make the best possible presentations. It is a bonding time; new friendships are forged; and we come back year after year. As Martha Stewart might say, “It’s a good thing.”