We expected to have at least six for dinner tonight. I have a “ginormous” roast in the crock pot. and we’re down to three. The roast was thawed, so it’s cooking. Refreezing was not an option, nor was waiting until Wednesday when we will have more people here.

A granddaughter is having three sleepovers with us this week. Her dad is out of town, her older sister is at ballet camp, and her mom works three days. To give her a companion, each of Laura’s girls would spend one night/day here too. A good plan, but Laura has lost her summer nanny, so the girls aren’t here today. 

One other time in recent memory we had a 10-pound ham for an evening we expected Laura and the girls to join us. One of the girls was sick; Laura texted me, but I don’t regularly look for texts, and I missed it. One of the girls called and left a message when we weren’t here; we don’t regularly check for phone messages either. At six I called them and got the news. We ate ham sandwiches, scalloped potatoes with ham, scrambled eggs and ham, bean soup, pea soup, vegetable soup with ham. We ate the last of it a week ago.

Moral of the food story? Accept the fact that I never learn, and enjoy leftovers in their variations. I am learning some creative ways to accommodate these disappointments. The optimist makes them opportunities, and I’m a glass half-full kind of gal.

If you are in the neighborhood this evening, stop in for dinner.