This winter we have been entertained by a fluffy young rabbit who made a home in our yard. He’d spend time under a flowering crab tree, munching little apples, or seeds, or whatever that tree provides critters and birds during cold months. He’d hop to some bushes on the side of the porch, break off a twig from a mock orange bush, and munch on that. We enjoyed his company.

On Saturday we missed him. I looked closer at his favorite spot under the tree, and I saw tufts of brown fur, dots of red, and a trail leading about two yards toward the house from there. At that spot was a small, unmoving fluffy body being poked at by 3 large black crows.

What happened to end the rabbit’s life? We had a red fox passing through our yard in the summer, but we hadn’t seen it in months. The neighborhood dogs are yippy little things, not much larger than the rabbit. An eagle would have carried him off, I think.

I understand the circle of life. Nature gives, takes away, and sometimes cleans up the resulting mess. Not much remains of our little friend. I do miss watching him, especially in the morning.