When Maxi – that’s Moxie- came to live with my son and his wife, she was a fluffy adorable golden retriever puppy. She was playful, sweet, and devoted to them from the start. When Ingrid was born in 2000, Maxi sensed the importance of the event, and she became a protector, a caregiver, a loyal friend of the baby. When mom and baby took a walk, Maxi was there to be sure nothing threatened her family. As she and Ingrid grew, they bonded in all the important ways. Maxi was family.

As Maxi grew, she developed a unique persona. She was the alpha female, taking her role in the family very seriously. Fast forward to the birth of the second child. Maxi had an added responsibility and devotion. 

Among her endearing and annoying traits were an enormous appetite for people food and napkins. When she attended family picnics, she was alert to the little people and their food. If something hit the deck, it was fair game. She also watched laps with napkins. If they were accessible, they were available.

Maxi was always a sweet pet. When we’d spend time with her and the children, she’d keep a close eye on us, tail up, very alpha. Then she’d put her head on my knee, look up at me with warm eyes, accepting that we were part of the family, therefore tolerable.

She had reached the age of 13, that’s 91 in people years. She had stopped eating, and she seemed to know that her time had come. The family made the hard decision to put her to sleep. Nothing for pet lovers is harder than that.