Rummage Sale preparations are always interesting. Once again our church members have gone through closets, cupboards, garages, and rooms to find clothing, dishes, phones, books, electronics, and furniture they can live without. Boxes and bags are dropped off in designated areas, and the workers begin the task of finding places to display things.

The book room is overflowing with titles and topics old and new. There are VHS tapes, books on tape, CD’s and DVD’s, many of which were expensive, alongside the hard cover and paperback books. We have at least 6 television sets; people have gone to the flat screens and shared their big deep sets with us.

This year we have more games and puzzles than usual; we overflowed to a second long table to accommodate that. Last year’s sale had very few children’s toys and games; this year we have a room plus an area in the main room filled.
And baskets came in droves – each day when I arrive I think they’ve multiplied.

Today I took the morning off to spend time with a friend. We went to garage sales.