This is a time of adventures.The first was a cold, windy tennis match today that was fun only because of the company, all feeling the cold at a court without windscreens.That wasn’t my adventure. Mine began with a Barnes & Noble gift card for which I ordered a book for my nook, a nookbook if you will. The nook has served me reliably for more than a year. During that time my husband’s nook was replaced because it wasn’t working. Now mine has joined the disabled, and after nearly an hour on the phone with someone from technical support, we await a replacement to arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Judging from the accented voice on the phone, I suspect it may come from half way round the world, traveling part way by elephant.

Fortunately library e-books can be read on the ipad as well as the nook. Both of us will be able to read something while we wait for my new nook to arrive. Because of the 21-day checkout time and the popularity of the authors we enjoy, I’m grateful for the two pieces of equipment.

Friends are leaving today for a month of adventures. Their first stop is London. Other friends have just returned from an adventure in the Peruvian mountains. That experience was heavy-duty climbing and out-of-touch trekking. My brother leaves tomorrow for Oregon where he’ll visit kids and his grandson.

The adventure of the garden shed is nearing its conclusion. Presently the walls are detached and piled on the shed’s floor. We expect the new owner to come with muscled companions to carry the parts away. That should occur today.

The week will wind down with dinner with kids, helping one of them move into a new place, visiting the Chinese Immersion school where granddaughters will perform, attending a concert of the SPCO, and the final Sunday of our church year.