Minnesota has more seasons than just the four people think it has. Road construction/detours overlap three regular seasons. Garage sale season is predominantly in the summer, but it laps into the other three.Then we have indoor tennis season and outdoor, sometimes overlapping.

In our family I am the sale person; my mom called it “garaging.” My husband observes the tennis seasons. It works pretty well for our scheduling as I can follow my signs when he’s keeping his eye on the ball.

Problems arise with the storage of my recycled treasures. To keep harmony in our home and in an attempt to minimize the clutter as much as possible, we have off-site storage to complement the on-site shelves in one big basement room. This summer, in response to the rising cost of our storage facility, we are planning to replace  our 8 x 8 lawn and garden shed with a larger version to house some of the memorabilia and accumulated stuff in a place close by to encourage me to sort and throw some of it. Of course a portion of the building will have to be used for the lawn and garden equipment. Stay tuned for updates on the project.

As a co-chair of our annual church rummage sale, I feel an obligation to keep up with sale prices, popular items, and presentation ideas for us to maximize our efforts. Fulfilling that duty brings me incidental pleasure, or I probably wouldn’t do it with such intensity. One of my favorite seasons is under way.