I have a strong desire to share ideas with my future self and with select others. For this, my first post, I may wander a bit as I have anticipated this opportunity, thought wise and foolish thoughts, and have no real agenda. The day is gray and moist, not a good day for outdoor activity, but a perfect one for a good book, a gentle fire, and a cup of something warm and soothing. So what am I doing here at the Mac when all of that pleasantness could be mine?

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Celebrations are being held all around the city. Two of our granddaughters will attend a parade and kid-friendly activities at a Minneapolis park. The young don’t seem discouraged by a rainy day. Puddle stomping was created by a kid, after all. While adults walk around, kids in boots wade right in. It’s a life metaphor.

As we approach spring with its end-of-school-year events, I have been remembering proms, final exams, commencements, and the sad/happy feelings of my years as a high school teacher/senior class advisor. The May activities celebrated beginnings for seniors and endings for their teachers and parents. But that is a topic for another day.

The fact that I have an older computer with a dated browser doesn’t make me obsolete. I’m accustomed to the slower response time, and my Mac and I have  a comfortable connection. I do have a wireless mouse; it took an adjustment period, but I have come to appreciate its free spirit.

This is enough for a first effort. If you’ve stayed with me, you are ready for a break as well. As Arnold so insightfully put it, I’ll be back.